Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend!  I did a 7 mile run Saturday morning starting at 6:30.  The temp was 82 degrees with 50% humidity.  Not too bad considering it's almost the middle of July!  I had a third of a powerbar and a glass of water before I left and took gatorade with me in a Nathan handheld bottle.  It worked out great.  I completed my 7 miles in 1:12:57.  I was hoping to finish in under 75 minutes and I met that goal.

C and I went to the Farmer's Market when I got home.  We bought tomatoes and farm-fresh eggs.  Yummy! We went to Dallas to do some shopping and stopped for a snowcone to cool off in this heat.

Wedding cake with cream.  Yes, I splurged after my run!

Dinner on Saturday was tilipia with peppers, onion, garlic, and fresh tomatoes in white wine over lemon couscous.  Light, healthy, and delicious!  When I was training for a marathon, we had this for dinner almost every Friday night before my long runs on Saturday morning.  It's the perfect combination of carbs, protein and fat. 
N requested blueberry muffins so that's what's on the menu for Sunday morning before church.  I used fresh blueberries and a touch of cinnamon.  I substitued non-fat greek yogurt for the sour cream the recipe called for.  It worked out great and saves lots of calories. 
Poor C is having to work this morning, but did get muffins before he left.  Now it is off to church for me and the kids. 

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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