Friday, July 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Today was not a running day, but I did run 5 miles yesterday and have 7 miles on the schedule for tomorrow.  I have been experimenting to find the optimum time for me to run because it is getting so hot here!  106 degrees today!  I am a morning runner so I've been trying earlier as in 5:45 with less sun and more humidity and later, 7:15ish with more sun and less humidity.  After switching back and forth for several days, I've decided I am a less sun, more humidity runner!  I do not like the sun blazing down on me and would much rather watch the sun rise as I head back home. 

This week in food has been about comfort food for the family.  On Wednesday, I made E's request which is fettucinni with proscuitto, peas, parmesan, lemon and cream. (I used fat-free half and half and will thicken with flour next time.)

It tasted yummy and I love the brightness of the peas! 

Last night was all about me and I made meatloaf.  E and N gave me a hard time about how much they hate meatloaf and N went so far as to spend the night with a friend to avoid it!  E decided it wasn't so bad after all and went back for seconds!  Poor C was working late and missed out.  Of course, to me the best part is left over meatloaf sandwiches the next day!  It was delish!!

I went to a peach orchard yesterday and bought fresh peaches.  What better way to use them than in a fresh peach pie.  Please don't judge me by my crust!  I still have not mastered the art of beautiful scalloped edges.  I usually go for cobbler so it doesn't matter, but took a chance on pie today.  The edges may not be gorgeous, but the rest looks pretty darn good!

Now off to make dinner so we can have dessert.  Or maybe we'll have dessert first tonight!

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