Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th and 5th!

We had a quiet 4th of July at our house! N and I were out of town over the weekend helping my aunt celebrate her 80th birthday.  C and E both worked on the 4th and were gone most of the day.  We had C's parents over for hamburgers and homemade chocolate ice cream.  Then we spent the rest of the evening participating in "America's pasttime" and watched baseball.  Go Rangers!! 

I started my 4th with a 4 mile run and thought about how lucky we are to live in a country where we can run without worrying about being shot at or bombed.  I also thought about how grateful I am to our troops who have chosen to protect our rights to freedom. 

Today I started my day with the what I call my circuit training.  I run 3 days a week and cross-train 2-3 other days.  Today's workout was the following:
10 pushups
20 minutes on the elliptical
10 tricep dips, 10 pushups
15 minutes on the bike
10 tricep dips, 10 pushups
10 minutes on the elliptical
10 tricep dips, 10 pushups
5 minutes on the bike
10 pushups

Of course, I was starving so I had this amazing salad for lunch!
Spinach, banana peppers, tomatoes, dried cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, a boiled egg, and fat-free thousand island dressing.  YUM!

Tonight's menu: grilled chicken, rice and roasted beets.  I've never roasted beets so I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow.

Happy 5th of July!

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