Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  This is our  "week off" from eating healthy dinners every night.  We only do this about once a year and I'm actually glad it is almost over!  N, on the other hand, has been very happy. 
Since these were on the menu last night, it's a good thing I did a killer 50 minute interval workout on the elliptical yesterday morning!

2.  We are experiencing record breaking temperatures in Texas the last few weeks with highs being 105+ and lows only in the mid 80s, along with drought conditions.  We are on mandatory water conservation and it looks as though we will having rolling blackouts in the next few hours.  I had never experienced rolling blackouts until February when we were having record lows.  Ahh, the extremes of NE Texas.  Even the dogs are feeling the heat and staying indoors almost 24 hours a day!  Poor little Espen was exhausted by 10 o'clock today. 

She  did bounce out of that chair amazingly quickly when the A/C repairman showed up!  Yes, in the midst of the heatwave, the capacitor on one of our A/C units went out last night.  Fortunately, we have 2 units, so we slept on the couch.  All is well this afternoon, if we can only make it through the rolling blackouts!

3.  My favorite part of summer is all of the fresh fruits and  vegetables that are readily available!  I visit the Farmer's Market every Saturday and plan meals around the fresh produce.  One of my favorite treats are cherries! Yummy!!

Aren't those absolutely gorgeous?!?!

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