Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Back to Regular Programming!

Thanks for bearing with me while I vented yesteday.  I did get some responses that gave a reasonable explanation of the banner situation.  As I believed all along, it was a thoughtless process that was never intended to be malicious.  Now on to regular programming.

1. I eat a spinach salad with tuna or chicken for lunch almost every day.  Yes, I am a creature of habit and do get in ruts with what I eat.

2.  I try to make at least one new recipe for dinner each week.  Sometimes they are popular and sometimes not.  Oh well, it least we experiment!

3.  I hate swimming!  I would love to do a triathlon some day, but just cannot make myself swim.  Not having access to a pool to swim laps only contributes to my lack of motivation to attempt a tri.

There you have 3 random things about me!

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