Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catching Up

WOW!  Time flies when you get really busy!  We have had a crazy couple of weeks with N starting high school on August 22 and E starting college on August 29. 
This is my baby on his first day of high school.  He hates getting his picture taken and almost always refuses to smile for me.  Things are going well for him and he is enjoying the high school experience thus far. 

On Thursday before classes started, E was not feeling well.  She came home from work and C and I decided we needed to take her to the emergency room.  The ER doctor thought it might be her appendix and admitted her about 1 am.  She had surgery Friday afternoon, spent Friday nght in the hospital and came home Saturday afternoon. 
Here's my baby girl awaiting surgery.  She did great and went to class on Monday.  She stayed home Tuesday and was almost back to normal by Wednesday.  It's amazing what modern medicine and faith in God can do!

One of my greatest joys is getting to take N to school each day on my way to work.  We have some wonderful talks and it is "our time" together.  One morning last week, he was talking about how pretty the sunrise was and wished he could take a picture.  Being a sometimes prepared mom, I had a camera in my purse and gave it to him.  N took the following picture looking out of the car window at a stoplight. 

If God can put the sun in the sky each morning, the least we can do is be happy about it.  Sometimes it's not the big unexpected things that make us the most happy, but taking time to stop and look at the things we take for granted. Look around you this week: you might be surprised!

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